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Kip Moore Private Concert for Hilton Honors

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Nashville, TN

Kip Moore performed a private concert for Hilton Honors members on August 31 at the Doubletree Hotel in Nashville, that was off the charts amazing! Hilton Honors members were fed a delicious spread of finger foods, including shrimp cocktail, cheese, fruit, and other items, along with a full bar... ummm wine please!!!! They had a photo booth, red carpet, (I donned my pink Vans), along with a cocktail reception performance before and after the show from Brassfield Aly.

Let the show begin with Kelliegh Bannen

Now to what we've all been waiting for....Kip Moore opens with We're The Wild Ones!!!

Kip's performance was spot on entertaining.... high energy, engaging, perfecto!!! Kudos to Hilton for teaming up with him. I'm sure the entire crowd enjoyed every minute of Kip up on stage. I didn't get to meet him, which was a bummer, but I'm hoping he'll show up at some event in the future... so it could happen! hahha!!

Some pics from the night:

A little clip of "Beer Money"

I just can't stop... and here's another :)

"Say my name, stay right there, I'll come running for you..." umm... yes please.. hahhaha!!! My favorite Kip Moore song :

Verdict: Kip Moore and Hilton Honors put on an incredible show. If you're a member, put your points to use and see what's happening in your area!

Comment: What's your favorite show you've been to and why?

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As for Hilton, if you travel and you're not a Hilton Honors member... change that stat! Go join. It's amazing. Perks are incredible, but so are the hotels so it's a win win!! Plus you'll get access to awesome events like these. The link is: Sept 13, 2016


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