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Meet Katie Schnorrbusch

Katie Co-Host "The Weekend Fiasco" radio program with Travis Moody, has cast TV show,  and travels often to cover events. 


She currently just finished working with USA Network's "Real Country" show in casting season 1.  

​You'll usually find her chatting with anyone that makes eye contact, or with a drink in one hand and camera in the other, ready to capture something good. 

Welcome to her distorted bubble, just like Baby... nobody puts Katie in a corner.... (we'll leave that < right there and see how many get it.... hahha!! ) 


Envision Chunk from Goonies yelling "Heeeyyyy Yooouuuu Guuuyyysss", but in a female voice... mixed with the grace of a baby fawn on ice and there ya go... sums up Katie! 



The Weekend Fiasco - Co-Host On Air

The Big 106.3- New Music Ads /Event Coverage

Avatar Clothing - Brand Spokesperson 

Has Worked With: 

Real Country- Casting Season 1

The Four on Fox - Casting Season 1

CMA Fest - Hosting Stages 

Women on Their Way with Wyndham - Travel Blogger

Renegade Radio - Events

CM Chat - Girl Friday

Nashville Loop 

Ollee Bee - Brand Spokesperson

Avid Supporter of Veteran Organizations including:

Folds of Honor

Lone Survivor Foundation 


Any Soldier 


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