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Purple Sand? For Real... heck yeah- Pfeiffer Beach, CA

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Big Sur, CA

Purple Sand... are you kidding me?? Not at all and here's proof it exists!!!

While at Hearst Castle, I interrupted two women's conversation (they were behind me in line and made eye contact.. guess that can be viewed as an open invitation to join in right) , and the one said her goal was to reach the purple sand beach... HOLD THE PHONE LADY.... are you for real being serious??? Before I could ask more, or where to find it, the line moved and they were gone :( Thank goodness for good old Google.. one search bar later... found all the info needed.

Fast forward to getting there:

The journey to Pfeiffer Beach starts with a ride along the Big Sur, then a super sharp turn off to the scariest road I've ever driven!! Two mile, white knuckle, tingly armpit, voyage down a single lane, somewhat paved, curvilinear, super steep, path that had traffic going both ways!?! What in tarnation are they thinking?? Curves are blind, one side is a rock wall, the other side a mountainous cliff... if a car is coming or going too fast... hello accident.... so I had all windows down, music off, face pressed to the windshield, praying the entirety of the trek. (Obviously I made it in one piece or I wouldn't be sharing, it was super scary, but worth every adrenaline surged second!!!

These pictures do no justice to how frightening of a journey this was.. or maybe I'm a drama queen!! TOTAL NAIL BITER!!!!

Now for the beach... I won't bore you with words... see for yourself!

Not all the areas are purple... just some.. This was my favorite part of the beach.. I didn't want to leave.. but it was freezing cold!

A little more of the stunning ocean view:

More pictures:

Definitely worth the nail biting trek to get here. Next time I'm renting a convertible for the scary drive and doing it topless... the car that is!!

Verdict: Worth the nerve inducing drive. Beyond beautiful. Pack a lunch, wear comfy clothes, bring a sweatshirt, it gets chilly (even in the summer), and enjoy!

Comment: What's the most beautiful beach you've been to or want to go to?


Address: 9100 Sycamore Canyon Road, off Highway One, Big Sur, CA 93920

Cost: $10 per car to park

Dogs allowed.

Easy walk to beach from parking lot.

Bathrooms on site :)


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