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Sand, Sun, and Elephant Seals, Oh my! - San Simeon Beach

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

San Simeon Beach, California

Holy smokes, what a site... Hundreds of Elephant Seals in their natural habitat on Hearst San Simeon Beach in California. Sunning themselves, interacting, swimming, it was the coolest sight!

While at Hearst Castle (see that post here) someone recommended adding this to my agenda. Hesitanttion hit because the sun was about to set and I wanted to make it to Nepenthe before it did, but while driving you can not only hear the seals, you catch a small glimpse too, making you want to see more. The sound, sight, and smell lured me in.....


Verdict: Glad I stopped, super cool to see so many seals in their natural habitat.

Comment: What was something you stopped to do that you were glad you did?

Learn more about the Elephant Seals and plan your trip with these links:

Info about San Simeon Beach from Hearst Castle's website

Find out more about Hearst Castle on their official website HERE


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