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Surf City Blitz Was the FUNNEST!!!!

Surf City Blitz took place at Huntington State Beach and had one of the greatest punk rock lineups in the history of Southern California along with Roland Sands Presents The Moto Beach Classic's world-class motorcycle racing. 40,000 people came together for the sold out debut of this brand new all ages event on Saturday, October 27 and Sunday, October 28 and I was lucky enough to be among them... WAHOOOOO!

Part of the SeaLegs Live Event Series, Surf City Blitz featured an all-star lineup of punk rock legends and breaking talent including The Offspring, Social Distortion, Pennywise, Rancid, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Religion,FEAR, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, T.S.O.L., Mad Caddies, The Interrupters, Voodoo Glow Skulls, and more performing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in picturesque Orange County, California.

Had I of not read the attendance numbers, I would have never known so many people were there, and I mean that in a good way. There were ample bathrooms with short waits, (That's a bonus in itself, some events the lines are so long you miss half the show!) plenty of food options for meat eaters and vegetarians, games to play, shopping to be done, motorcycles to oggle at, art to peruse, races to watch, plenty of space to relax, (except in the mosh pit..hahhahah), and a gazillion booze booths, (those lines are always long tho).... ad to all that the music lineup..... holy smokes.... beyond AMAZING!!!! I'd like to rewind and do it all over again please :)

A little overwhelmed with so many options of where to start and what to do, I meandered and made friends... aka... went rogue and chatted with random strangers.. hahah! (Only until my FAVORITE band, The Offspring came on... then I headed front and center to the stage. I hope to interview one day... one can want right?) You can hear the music everywhere on the festival grounds and there was so much to see.

Best Looks:

(I have a thing for studs and Mohawks... love them!!)

Moto Beach Races:

Race Pits:

Stage Shots:

New Friends:

Glimpse of the Art Show:

Motorcycle Show:

Fun Stuff to do:

Stunt Show:

Sunset Festival Pics:

After ours shennanigans at Gallaghers:

Complete Randomness ... Vodka sign evoked laughter, Motorized skateboard made me want to ride it, tiny Vans in a wagon were too cute, and motorcycle art wine made me want some :)

Fun rides:

Can someone share a time machine so this weekend can happen again please..... it was soooooo funnnnn!!!!


Buy your tickets and make your travel arrangements as soon as future dates are announced. You'll be so glad you did since this year sold out.



reusable water bottle because they have a filling station.

foldable chair, small blanket, or towel to sit on.

Light jacket or long sleeve top for when the sun goes down.... I froze night 1.

Wear flip flops, I wore sneakers day 1 and winded up sticking them in a give away bag and carrying because all they did was collect sand when on.


What's been your favorite festival to go to and why? (Share links too!) What festival tips have you learned that work the best?

Cool Tid Bit:

A portion of Surf City Blitz proceeds will be donated to the Junior Lifeguard Program and the Living the Dream Foundation. LTD Foundation bridges together the music industry with fans who are fighting terminal illnesses by giving them All Access VIP experiences backstage with their favorite bands and artists. For more information, visit:

For more information on Surf City Blitz, visit:

Read their official press release here:


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